The owner of the Uranus Missouri complex near St. Robert said a reality-television show will begin filming there in the next few weeks.

Louie Keen, the owner of the complex, stated this Friday on Facebook with his typical touch of irreverence:

Some great news this morning!
It appears our Reality Show is a GO!
Video crew staff from all over the US will be arriving here over the next few weeks to start filming the pilot episodes and other unique short film and videos for/about Uranus.
This is going to be a game changer for us and will definitely make all our businesses grow a bunch…..which will create more jobs in the area and, more importantly, will probably mean that Tiffany will get famous and have dozens of boy toys….which is the only reason I am doing it.

Tiffany, an employee at Uranus Missouri, is Keen’s comic foil for many of its TikTok and Instagram videos.

Keen had been hinting on social media for months about the possibility of a reality show.

Reached by text Friday, Keen said he wasn’t at liberty to say which network or outlet would carry the reality series. He did say it probably would air by this winter.

Keen, whose goofy and gimmicky antics are a throwback to other infamous roadside tourist traps, once owned a strip club at the property but went family-friendly in 2015 with the Uranus Fudge Factory and has expanded his empire with a restaurant, outfitters store, shooting and archery ranges, a food-truck park, sideshow museum, an ax-throwing venue and a recent acquisition of Redneck Nutz in nearby Springfield, Missouri. A microbrewery also is planned.

(Image of Uranus Missouri’s neon sign via Facebook)

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